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Innovise Risk is part of the Innovise Limited group of companies.
Innovise Risk is a software company specialising in applications for Loss Prevention and Risk focused teams and departments.

We build technology for Loss Prevention, Profit Protection and Business Risk teams. Our applications support the collection and analysis of data, enabling better control of costs, risk and loss and a more productive workforce.

Our customers are primarily retail risk teams, managing elements of risk such as Loss Prevention, Health and Safety, Security, Profit and Business Protection.

We support risk-based scenarios for large and small retailers throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

Ultimately, we help keep risk and threats to a minimum within the environments our clients operate. Regardless of the type of risk, our technology helps teams deliver the best protection possible to their business.

Who buys from us?

Innovise works with retail risk teams and specialises in Loss Prevention solutions. We started as the Ministry of Ideas, a small technology business within a security group, until we were acquired by Innovise in 2018. We now work with customers all over the world, with a concentration of clients within UK and North America. With each new client, we learn how we can increase the value and appeal of what we do for organisations like yours, wherever you are based.

We work with clients of all shapes and sizes. From the global giants, through to smaller, niche retailers, our flexible technology fits their needs exactly. Seeking the very best solution for their business, our clients not only choose us for our knowledge and industry experience, the also seek us out for our willingness and ability to support their future development.

These clients, be they large or innovative and aspiring, help us grow. We reward them with stable, considered solutions that meet their needs and give them peace of mind as they operate. We invest in the delivery of a quality service and enhancing our product to meet the ever-increasing demands of this exciting and challenging industry vertical. If your business sets a high standard, requires a quality of software and service that gives you peace of mind, or you have the challenge of scale to finding tools to enable and support your growth, we would love to talk to you about how we might fit with your plans.