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Smart Forms That Guide The User Through Their Journey

When identifying risk within a business, many often rely on risk non-experts to capture much of the detail. For example, store managers, distribution centre supervisors and security officers are often responsible for recording risk or loss events yet are not trained to the level of the analysts who will be looking at the data.

To collect data, simplicity is key. Which is why Risk Ready is designed with the user in mind. Using conditional logic forms, questions appear relating to the answer of the previous question. This enables Risk teams to structure their forms so that the users only need to answer the questions or checks that relate to the answers they have already given.

Form Options
Forms can be customised to suit the specific requirements of the team collecting the data. Forms are built to include dropdown options, pick-lists, search functions and date/time pickers. Shorthand text and Long text options can also by provided where further descriptions are needed.
User Indicators
For questions or checks being conducted, Risk Ready can provide clarity on what is expected from the user as prompts, as well as ensure certain fields are completed with mandatory questions.
Evidence Capture
All of this combined with features such as action lists, stock loss tables, floor mapping and evidence capture, makes Risk Ready the perfect solution of Loss Prevention and Risk teams.
The More Data Collected, The Better Informed The Decisions
Multiple Sections
Forms can be grouped into logical sections and areas, so that they are easy to digest and complete by the user. For more secretive forms, sections can be hidden from users, so that data is always collected but specific details are only submitted by those who has the relevant permissions to do so.
Multiple Forms
There is no limitation to the types of forms that can be used within Risk Ready. Ranging from LP incidents, to accident forms, tagging audits, internal audits and inspections, Risk Ready can be scaled to be used by risk teams across the entire business. Furthermore, with its multi-lingual capabilities Risk Ready can be used all over the world, from one system.
Multiple Use Cases
Within Risk Ready, forms are not a standard question and answer process. Forms can be used as cases, investigations, interviews, stock counts, action lists and for many more use cases. Within an environment where each set of rules or regulations are demanded to be done in specific ways, Innovise Risk help our clients achieve this through our powerful technology.
It makes you Risk Ready
Standardised way to submit risk data
Easily share views and forms throughout teams
Integrate risk platform for one view for businesses.