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Let Risk Ready connect the dots

Each year, Risk Ready customers collect thousands of loss, risk, threat and safety transactions. With the sheer volume of activity alone, Risk Ready improves processes by capturing, sorting and displaying these results in an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand format.

However, just collecting and displaying high-level stats is only part of the equation. Where there are commonalities amongst forms, Risk Ready logs and intelligently links commonalities to provide teams with a closer view of the detail, without having to look through it all.

Finding Common Individuals
Where details surrounding an individual are logged within Risk Ready, the details are tracked and automatically linked if they occur on more than one occasion. These links aid risk teams in identifying individual that may be taking advantage of business risk and acting against them. For example, if a number plate is recorded against a committed crime, or the description of an offender matches another incident, or if a witness is always the same on accident recordings, Risk Ready automatically links them for further investigation by the Risk teams and departments.
Finding Patterns
Where events are taking place within common areas, or at common times or days, Risk Ready can display these to the user within a view or dashboard to highlight the patterns occurring throughout the business. For example, Profit Protection teams can track what times of the day the store is at most risk of theft, or a Health and Safety officer can identify which day of the week the most accidents happen.
Improving Resource Allocation
Equipped with the power of intelligent linking, Loss Prevention and Risk teams can allocate their resources to adapt to the risk head-on, rather than act based upon singular events. They can work with employees to share knowledge of events, work with their security providers to add more resource to areas at particular times and days, and they can allocate their teams members to the most high-risk areas to protect their business.
It makes you Risk Ready
View trends and links of commonalities within the vast data collected
Identify reoffenders and common individuals across the business
Share trends and themes with colleagues and security providers
Better allocate internal and external resources to tackle business crime and prevent risk and injury.