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Turning Data into Decisions

Risk Ready helps businesses make informed decisions based upon data collected, enabling them to become more resilient through the identification of trends, future threats, risks and opportunities for improvement.

The powerful dashboards, searches and reports within Risk Ready provides our clients with easy to use business intelligence. Highlighting the critical areas of focus across stores, regions or the entire business, Risk Ready gives the power to users to make key decisions and allocate resources based upon real-time, informative data.

Dashboards and Reports
Tailored to your business wants and needs, Risk Ready offers specific, up-to-the-minute intelligence of business risk, compliance, incidents and effectiveness. Presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format, Risk Ready dashboards enable businesses to identify and act against problem areas.
Risk Ready contains a comprehensive suite of operational and management reports, developed specifically for the management of Risk, Loss Prevention and Profit Protection. Clearly showing results along with notes and photographic evidence captured, reports can be produced on demand to be used for internal colleagues or external 3rd parties.
Where deeper analysis is needed, users can interrogate data with a few clicks. Intelligent searches, filtering and sorting allow users to extract the data in the way they want it. These searches can be shared amongst stores, regions and departments, promoting better business performance and a foundation for better knowledge sharing throughout the organisation.
It makes you Risk Ready
Analyse, search and view data to make informed decisions
Trend and track data, enabling better resource allocation
Provide a full suite of risk/loss analysis within one platform
Improve Civil Recovery processes by consolidating data into one system.