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Knowledge Is Not Power, It’s Powerful

Knowing when critical or high priority events take place is important for Loss Prevention, Business Protection and Risk based teams. That’s why Risk Ready sends automatic email notifications to audiences within teams, regions or across the entire business.

As soon as an event such as a security breach, danger to staff or injury is captured and recorded within Risk Ready, emails notifications are immediately sent to audiences relevant to that location and department. The email clearly details what, where and how the incident happened.

All notifications are tracked within Risk Ready, and users can access them from the home screen within Risk Ready at any time.

Automatic Email Alerts
Risk Ready is configured to share high priority and critical events with audiences, by email, as soon as they are recorded. This could be an employee accident in the workplace, a threat to someone’s well-being, or a theft from store. Each email is configured specifically to the event, offering the best possible flexibility so the email alert goes to the right people every time.
Integrated Notifications Pane
Within Risk Ready, the built-in notifications pane provides users with a full audit trail of events. Dependent upon the user’s role and access, notifications include high priority notifications along with a full audit trial of forms and incidents that have been submitted, that meet the user’s notification criteria.
Document Library
Risk Ready has a document library available for providing all users access to informative documents to help them with their role. Documents are viewed by all, and controlled centrally, to keep everybody up to date and informed throughout the business. Examples from our clients include; business hierarchy, escalation procedures, common telephone numbers, company newsletters and user guides.
It makes you Risk Ready
Notify key personnel of events happening across the business
Keep an audit of events that have taken place
​Keep users informed of changes through up-to-date documentation sharing.